Let the Journey Begin

Let me first start out by saying that camping is a lot of work!

It makes sense why people don’t do it every weekend, but I guess that is what makes it so fun!

Me and the Hubby decided to take a few camping trips this year and I was lucky enough to be the one to choose our first destination of the year; Silent Lake.

It really is the perfect name for a Horror Flick. Don’t you think?

Silent Lake is located in the town of Bancroft, which isn’t too far from the City of Toronto where we live. It took us about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get their with no traffic. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and scenic the ride up Highway 28 was, as it lays right between the Canadian Shield.

We arrived the Saturday morning of May 24 Weekend and planned to stay for 2 nights and 3 days, which I think is the perfect amount of time to explore and relax. We arrived at our Campground, Granite Ridge, and let me tell you, this is as close as you can get to backcountry camping without walk-in’s or portage. Our campsite was perfect! We had a great amount of privacy and our backyard was completely forested. The grounds are extremely clean and well-kept.

First things first, we unpacked and set-up our “home” which went surprisingly well compared to the last time we camped and had our tent lifted from the ground and carried away by the wind.

This time we came prepared!


Our Campsite, 33 at Granite Ridge, equipped with a Weatherproof Tent

My Hubby didn’t know it, but the main purpose of this trip was to complete the 15K Lakeshore Hike which is a gorgeous loop around the shoreline of Silent Lake. He isn’t much of a trekker as I, and when he heard what I had planned, he was not a Happy Camper. Did I mention he has a fear of Bears? Watching the film Backcountry a few weeks prior did not help the situation. Luckily, before we left, I hit up the local MEC and purchased some bear bells and a bear horn so that we wouldn’t need to have that conversation.

The beginning of the Lakeshore Trail and a Photograph of the Shoreline

This was really a fabulous trail as the geology and eco system is very rugged and enchanted in Bancroft. The colours are gorgeous and I can’t imagine how beautiful it would be to visit in the Fall.


Luckily, they stay open all year round and offer many activities in the colder months such as Skiing and Ice Fishing. As we trailed, we saw cabins and yurts which are nice if you are a less experienced camper.

As we continued our hike we took a few breaks to catch the sun and have lunch; Sandwiches and beer are our forte when out in the woods. One of the best features of this campground is that there are No Motor Boats Allowed which makes for an even more tranquil place to unwind. I suggest bringing a camera if you are into photography as you can capture beautiful pictures of the lake and the shoreline.


The water is super clear and clean and you can literally feel the cleanliness brushing past whilst swimming. If there is one thing I love to do its canoeing and kayaking. There is nothing more satisfying than paddling to the sounds of the Loons chirping away while basking in the sunshine with a golden tan. They rent canoes at a rate of $25 for 6 hours. Better yet, bring your own as they have lodging docks on all 3 beaches. In 6 hours you are able to canoe around the entire lake.


There are a few Little Islands which we found quite accommodating for our love of fishing. We threw a few lines out and had a few bites but nothing special which I think was because it was still a bit too early in season.

There was one more surprise I had planned before we proceeded to pack up all our belongings. If you head North on Highway 28 for about 15 minutes into the town of Bancroft, there is a mountain of rock which you can drive up and see a viewpoint of the entire town called The Eagles Nest. My hubby wasn’t expecting to drive up a mountain especially in a Ford Fusion but thankfully there was no rain that day. Once you reach the top and park your car, you have to walk a bit further and there you will see a breathtaking lookout.

I suggest making it by sunset, but I must warn you, that around this time the flies and mosquitos are wild and many people had worn bug nets. We hung out for an hour and took some photos and headed back down the hill which was a bit of an adrenaline rush as we did not have a 4×4.

Silent Lake exeeded my expectations as there is an abundance of activities for couples, families and group campers. We will deffinalty be back next year to complete another hike or possibly in the Winter to dabble in some cross country skiing.

“Travelling, It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn Batutta